Taking Advantage of Startup Accelerators

Last week a company that I advise, Qimple, got accepted into 500 Startups. It’s great to see. Lots of people are congratulating them on Facebook and Twitter. They’re incredibly excited. In Canada we buzz about our entrepreneurs “making it” south of the border. All warm and fuzzy. But let’s be clear: Qimple hasn’t won squat. […]

The Book Publisher of the Future – an Open Spec

Ever since writing Lean Analytics I’ve been thinking about what a new publishing company might look like, one that is designed to do more than print books. I even contemplated starting a new company to tackle the problems in book publishing (but I decided against it). Still, I can’t help but get aggravated about how […]

GoInstant is Gone But the Story Continues

Some time ago, GoInstant finally turned off their website and said “goodbye”. I know this was a bittersweet moment for many, because I worked so hard, side-by-side, with the team for 3 years. I’m no longer at GoInstant (which was acquired by Salesforce), but it was sad for me too. In the end, GoInstant was […]

Joining VarageSale (and Moving to Toronto)

Three years ago I joined an early stage startup, GoInstant, and moved to Halifax. A year after that, we were acquired by Salesforce. It’s been an incredible experience. A genuinely life changing one. But as they say, “all good things must come to an end,” and as of last Friday I said goodbye to GoInstant […]

Engagement is a Long-Term Process

Drip marketing is a way engaging people before they buy. You capture people’s email address and then reach out on a regular basis with something of value. Most people don’t buy or sign up the first time they visit a site, it takes multiple visits, which is why drip marketing is so important. Most companies […]

Single Founders or Co-Founders?

Conventional wisdom says that startups should have two or three founders. People tend to have pretty strong opinions on the issue, although I doubt they have definitive evidence / proof to back up their opinions. Some investors won’t even invest in single founders at all–so understandably for entrepreneurs this is a big issue. Most “business-focused” […]

Awesome Jobs at Awesome Companies

As my portfolio of angel investments grows I’m always thinking of ways I can help them out more. So I’ve decided to run a little experiment using this blog, by creating a very simple job board for my portfolio. Here are a list of jobs at companies I’ve invested in: http://www.instigatorblog.com/jobs/ There’s only 5 jobs […]