How to Turn Your Company into a Recruiting Magnet

Recently I presented at the Guelph Technology Economy Conference on the subject of recruitment. I put together the presentation built off of two posts I had written – The Future of Recruiting is Inbound and The Key to Startup Hiring: Build a Magnet. It went well (I think!) and was fun to do. Public speaking is always tough, but it’s worth doing. And it’s something you have to practice frequently to stay comfortable and successful.

The presentation is entitled: Turn Your Company into a Recruiting Magnet

The basic premise is that companies need to be much more present and build more buzz for themselves in a strategic, driven way in order to attract the right people. The presentation touches on key concepts of inbound recruiting, sales, marketing and social recruiting. Hopefully it helps you and your company think about the importance of changing the fundamentals of your recruiting initiatives in 2010 and beyond.

Since this is a visual presentation, some of the explanation behind the slides doesn’t exist. But if you have any questions, just let me know…

And please let me know what you think!

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