The Elephant In The Room is YOU

* You’re the person companies aren’t talking about enough.

* You’re the person companies are scared of, but really shouldn’t be.

* You’re the elephant in the room.

While I think the brouhaha over Snakes on a Plane borders on the absurd it should be a huge eye opener for businesses. It showed us that a company really was listening to its customers, making them more than customers. When there was talk of the movie name being changed, the customer said “no.” And the movie studio listened.

As the customer started spreading information and gossip online about the movie, the studio watched, listened and encouraged it.

A lot of businesses don’t know how to deal with you. They might try shoving information down your throats, they might try begging…others don’t try anything and hope for the best. And now, as you go out there and talk openly about what you like and don’t like, businesses are in an even trickier position; they don’t know to respond.

Some businesses are embracing you, encouraging you to provide feedback, insight and spread the gospel. They’re learning how to “gain control” by letting go of traditional control.

It might be as straightforward as starting a blog for your business. Doing so is not difficult. Yes, it requires some thought and planning, but any size business can do it, with minimal or almost no technical skill. How about a residential cleaning business in Florida? Yup, they’re blogging and it’s making a big difference.

Customers don’t want to be elephants anymore. And more and more they’re taking their business to companies that understand that; companies that help them get out of their elephant disguises.

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