Lean Analytics is Now Available to Order (and you can win great prizes too!)

I know this blog has been quiet of late, but it’s with good reason. Lean Analytics is finally done and available for order. Find it in a bookstore near you soon. Or, if you’re too eager and can’t wait to get to a bookstore (yes, they still exist!), you can buy the book on Amazon or O’Reilly and get it immediately. You can get it in hardcover format or e-book.

The best place to go is here: http://leananalyticsbook.com/buy-lean-analytics-book/

If you buy the book or already have, then you can enter our awesome sweepstakes (which ends March 31st!) You could win a free trip to Startup Festival, and there are tons of other prizes.

Writing Lean Analytics with Alistair Croll has taken over a year. It’s been an interesting and amazing experience. I’ll write about it (probably a lot!) someday…but for now the focus is on promoting the book and getting people’s feedback. And we’re getting a lot of great feedback so far. Here’s my favorite to-date:

So what is Lean Analytics all about?

Well, I’d like to share two presentations with you that I’ve done recently that help shed some light on what we’re talking about. There’s some overlap between the two, but hopefully you find these useful.

Thank you to everyone that has bought Lean Analytics (and will). I can’t tell you how much it means to Alistair and I.

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