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    Echo a lot of this. Angel investments using Venmo! I hate wire fees. Early exits happen in SV more than anywhere else because of “acquihire”. It can also make a person’s track record look better than it really is. If you want to invest with other angels (which is a great way to invest) find a group you fit with. As far as thesis, that will come. One day you will see something, and start to see a pattern of either things you really like investing in or something that you think you see that the market doesn’t. Just make sure it’s a broad enough thesis to fit a lot of different businesses.

  • http://www.pointsandfigures.com/ pointsnfigures

    Could be how many deals you actually do diligence on. There are a lot of deals that I have diligenced that I haven’t invested in-but I learned a lot.

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