Meet the MyBlogLog Team and Work For Them

MyBlogLog is an extremely popular tool amongst bloggers. It allows you to see who is visiting your site through a simple widget that most people include in their blog’s sidebar. The MyBlogLog mission is all about making the blogosphere more personal.

People can become community members of your blog, and MyBlogLog serves as a communication hub for bloggers. I’ve enjoyed MyBlogLog a great deal and developed some worthwhile business relationships through it. Remember: Social networks aren’t just personal, they’re professional too.

I had the opportunity to meet Robyn Tippins, Community Manager at MyBlogLog in May at SOBCon 07. She’s an amazing person; a great communicator and connector. So when I saw that MyBlogLog was hiring, I knew I could help.

Working with Eric Marcoullier and Todd Sampson, the founders of MyBlogLog, and Robyn, we’ve put together a video job ad for them.

MyBlogLog is looking for software engineers. Lots of them.

The video tells a great story. Eric and Todd knew each other as kids, they started MyBlogLog almost on a whim, and with the help of Scott Rafer turned it into the success you see today. In a few short months after launching the networking aspect of it (originally it was focused more on stat tracking) they were purchased by Yahoo! Pretty darn cool… (For more on their story, check out this video from TechStars.)

MyBlogLog has been on a recent tear adding new features. And to help them with that, and manage the growth, they’re hiring programmers. Check out the job listing at Standout Jobs.

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