Get Organized With The Great Big Small Business Show Podcast!

The Great Big Small Business Show is a weekly podcast on small business. It’s done by a group of contributors, each recording a 3-5 minute segment on a specific topic (although there’s some deviation from time-to-time.) The format is great — you get a 20+ minute show chock full of small snippets of “to-the-point” info.

This week’s episode is all about getting organized.

There’s some great contributions this week, with lots of ideas on how to get organized. Of course, don’t spend so much time getting organized that you forget to do the actual work!

This week’s contributors include:

I encourage you to check out each contributors’ website/blog — they’re all excellent resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a range of topics including marketing, public relations, operations, management, technology, etc.

(PS. I contributed too! It’s always a blast!)

I hope you enjoy this this week’s episode of The Great Big Small Business Show and please continue to send us your feedback.

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