About Ben Yoskovitz

Thanks for digging into my blog, it means a lot to me.

I’m currently VP Product at VarageSale, a venture-funded startup based in Toronto. Previously I was VP Product at GoInstant, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2012.

I wrote a book with Alistair Croll called Lean Analytics (published by O’Reilly). That was pretty damn fun.

I’m available to chat via Clarity, on any number of subjects, including analytics, startups, entrepreneurship, fundraising, product management, recruiting and more — https://clarity.fm/byosko.

I’m also a Founding Partner at Year One Labs, which is an early stage accelerator. We made 5 investments, and to-date have 1 exit (Localmind was acquired by Airbnb). Year One Labs isn’t active anymore, but it was a hell of an experience.

I’m an active angel investor. You can find my profile on AngelList.

Before all of that, I was CEO/co-founder of Standout Jobs, which was sold in 2010. I’ve been an entrepreneur in the “web space” since 1996.

I started Instigator Blog in 2006, and I’ve been blogging (fairly) consistently since then. Blogging provides an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. I’ve learned a lot over the years – had some success (and more failures!) – and enjoy sharing what I can with others. Blogging is a great way to build relationships and maintain contact with friends and colleagues all over the world.

I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

Please feel free to contact me: byosko@gmail.com

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